Topkapi Palace

The famous Ottoman historian Evliya Celebi describes theTopkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi) as “the loveliest sultanate palace that humanskill could have created. One can not help doing anything but ruling if livingin here! If you can come out of this complex game that is made of terraces,corridors, stairs and interior courts; you find yourself in the world ofArabian Nights again. The palace once Ottoman Sultans lived is visited bythousands of visitors from all parts of the world, is the most splendid monumentof Istanbul.

The palace had a concept peculiar to the East, accommodatingseveral qualities in it: The residence of the Sultan and the center of a worldempire, the religious center of half of the world and the stage that incredibleintrigues displayed, the focus of cruel murders and the cradle of breathtakingsuccesses. Once, 4,000-5,000 people used to live in Topkapi Palace. This was acity in the city. Fatih Sultan Mehmet decided to have a vast palace built to