Kadikoy, Bostanci & Uskudar

Istanbul is a matchless city on earth with its unique characteristic of setting the two continents apart.

The Bosporus which passes right through the middle of the city also borders the continents of Asia and Europe from each other. Asian side incorporating the eastern part of the city is a region which embraces many surprises worth seeing although they are out of the travelers` routes.

Asian side, which is called as Anatolian side as well, offers more peaceful life to its residents when compared to the other side of the city. Less cosmopolite nature and more established neighborhoods constitute the major reason of preference to reside here together with a greener and better constructed areas than the European side.


Kadikoy is the major district of the Anatolian side. Megarians, were Kadikoy`s first settlers and BC 675 is accepted as its establishment date according to the Greek sources. Some i historical sources claim Phoenicians were the f