Groves Istanbul

The Yildiz Grove

Sultan Selim III built a pavilion named “Yildiz” -meaning the Star- for his mother Mihrisah Sultan in this grove he admired in the 18th century. It was followed by other pavilions and “kasir’s. There are pools, waterfalls and ponds in the covert. Some of the trees are 400 years old. The flowers, dominantly tulips, create grove a carousal of colour.

The Romantika Fenerbahce Park

The Romantika Park on the Fenerbahce peninsula is a an undertaking by Turing and hears the signature of Qelik Gulersoy. The Park which serves in both an open and a closed area has a breathtaking view of the Princes Isles from the front side. In summers you can enjoy the beautiful geraniums in the garden while the winter panorama accompanies you under the glass covered inner side during cold weathers. You can taste the life in Istanbul by listening to the intoxicating tunes of classical music in the freshly green park.

The Emirgan Grove<