Private Istanbul tour Congo Diplomatic group

Guided Tour Istanbul for the Republic of Congo Diplomatic group on 11th March 2016

We started the Guided Tour Istanbul from Hippodrome. Again it’s Friday and we couldn’t go into Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque). We talked a little bit outside about Blue Mosque – how beautiful it is inside, how magnificent and blue it is as well. The blue colour comes from the Iznik tiles. I hope they will come back to see it with their families.

Private Istanbul tour Ro

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Wooden workmanship Byzantium

The wooden workmanship at the Byzantium

The centers of the Byzantine wooden workmanship which is not widely known are Istanbul, Antakya and Iskenderiye.

Today, there are very few examples left by the masters trained in these centers.

The wooden workmanship is one of the field of the Byzantine art which is not thoroughly studied. The wood suitable to be treated was engraved and ornamented with decorative motifs and they were used as furniture in the houses of rich people and as small objects in the other ones. There were artisans dealing with carpentry nearly everywhere in the empire but the artisans of wooden carving were trained in the centers such as the

Kadikoy, Bostanci & Uskudar

Istanbul is a matchless city on earth with its unique characteristic of setting the two continents apart.

The Bosporus which passes right through the middle of the city also borders the continents of Asia and Europe from each other. Asian side incorporating the eastern part of the city is a region which embraces many surprises worth seeing although they are out of the travelers’ routes.

Asian side, which is called as Anatolian side as well, offers more peaceful life to its residents when compared to the other side of the city. Less cosmopolite nature and more established neighborhoods constitute the major reason of preference to reside here together with a greener and better constructed areas than the European side.


Kadikoy is the major district of the Anatolian side. Megarians, were Kadikoy’s first settlers and BC 675 is accepted as its establishment date according to the Greek sources. Some i historical sources claim Phoenicians were the f

Shirts with Talisman

One of the interesting topics which the periodical elaborates is about “Shirts with Talisman “. Orhan Saik Gokyay tells the following related to the “Shirts with Talisman “Shirts with Talisman consist of shirts armored with prayers, spell or some prayers, verses of the Quran, talisman believed to protect people against illness, hostilities and to heal patients. Their history backs to very old times. As far as we know, we see this type of a shirt first in the Yusuf (Joseph) Sura of the Quran. There is a shirt given by the Prophet Joseph when he was the saint of Egypt to his brother so that he sends it to his father Prophet Jacob. When Jacob touches his face to this shirt, his eyes blinded because of crying for his son missing begin to see. According to some saying, this is a very fine shirt brought by Gabriel from the heaven upon the order of God and which covered the Prophet Abraham when he was thrown to the fire by Nimrod. This shirt was

Tailor-made Bulgaria Tours with your dream tailors

We are here to introduce Bulgaria to you. It is our pleasure to do it the best way we can. We only want to know your interests and ideas and like dream tailors we make your tailor-made Bulgaria tours.

Bulgaria is a place worth being explored. The good thing about it is you can never get bored while in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria charms with its uniqe nature, enriches with its many-sided history and culture, excites with its multi-coloured folklore and numerous talents, warms up our hearts with songs sung to the end and mixed with the magic of the dance…

Let us match you with your best tailor-made Bulgaria tours

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Divan Yolu

Divan Yolu begins at Haghia Sophia and extends to Topkapi Gate of Theodosion Walls, was the most important road of the capital during the Byzantine period. Today it is the street used for reaching the beauties in the environs: Beyazit Mosque, Kapalı Carsi (Grand Bazaar), At Meydam (Hippodrome) and Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) Cagaloglu.

At Meydam (Hippodrome)

Its construction began in 203 by Septimus Severus and it was reconstructed as hippodrome during the reign of Constantine the Great (324-337). It was a place for official celebrations and parades. Besides chariot races, circuses and political meetings used take place here. In one of them “Blues” and “Greens” had fought; and in Nika Revolt in 532, 30,000 people that rebelled against Emperor Justinianus gathered and were killed here in At Meydam. Again on these grounds, Sultan Mahmut U killed the

Istanbul Palaces and Kasirs

Dolmabahce Palace

Sultan Abdulmecit moved his court from Topkapi Palace to Dolmabahce Palace in 1855.

The palace that was built in showy style called Sekerci Style, is built by the Armenian Balyan family.

It forms a complex with Dolmabahqe Mosque and the Clock Tower. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, died in this palace in 1938. The interior decoration of the palace is in harmony with the complexity of the exterior surface which extends as far as 500 meters parallel to the sea.

(Open between 9 AM -4 PM everyday except Monday and tbursday, Dolmabahce Caddesi (Dolmabahce).

Dolmabahce Palace, constructed in 1855, after Topkapi Palace, is an imposing building on the sea shore.

Aynali Kavak Kasri

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Bosphorus in Istanbul

Trip to Bosphorus

The visitors must absolutely take a trip to Bosphorus by ferry. The ferry passes below the two bridges, visits the landings of neighbor hoods as beautiful as paintings, and creeps away from one continent to the other, one shore to another during the whole afternoon.

The commercial ships, generally with Russian flag that want to get in touch with the world through Bosphorus pass nearby you. A marvellous panorama that changes in every kilometer is awiting for you, once you pass below the Bosphorus Bridge. “Yah”s, the wooden waterside residences began to be built at the Bosphorus shores beginning from the 17th century. The best ones are between Cengelkoy and Kanlica, on the Asian side. Most of them were restorated. Especially ‘Ostrorog Yalisi’ at Kandilli and ‘Amcazade Most of the yalis remained until today are from the 19th century. The ya