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Tours Bulgaria Beglik Tash

Tours Bulgaria Beglik Tash include Nessebar, Beglik Tash and the river Ropotamo Because the tour starts from Nessebar, here we give you short information about the distance from the bigger Bulgarian cities and the capital Sofia. The tour starts from Nessebar – the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’. This town on the Black sea coast is a modern and contemporary town. It is perfect for great Bulgaria tours.

Nessebar can be a starting point for other coastal Bulgaria tours. Of course, Nessebar is in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The Old Nessebar is the place that attracts people the most. This is because it is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets. The well-preserved houses of the Revival Period, typical for the Black Sea architecture, add to the charm of the Old Nessebar.

The Archaelogical Museum, the Church of St Sophia or the Old Bishopric (the Old Mitropoliya) are only part of the interesting places to visit. Also the Church of St Stephen or the New Bishopric (the New Mitropoliya). Nessebar is especially proud of its churches. Main Bulgaria tourist attractions the churches are impressive, no matter if you are a worshipper or not.

Beglik Tash

Tours Bulgaria Beglik Tash proceeds to the ‘hero of the day’, the highlight of the tours Bulgaria. And this is Beglik Tash. It’s a unique Thracian sanctuary, a megalith complex situated on an area of 6 decare. In the past Beglik Tash didn’t only function as a temple, but it was also a calendar and a clock.

The sanctuary is located in a forest territory. The territory once was part of the hunting residence of the former communist head of the state Todor Zhivkov. Therefore, one of the greatest discoveries regarding the Thracian history on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. And Strandzha remained unknown to science until 2003.