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Wake your senses up with private Balkan trip

A private Balkan trip in the Balkan countries means a good possibility to sink into the history of the region and put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. What is a better way to tease and wake your senses up than travelling? They say that travelling is the key to happiness. Do you believe it? I do. Join us and let’s find out together.

The countries on the Balkan Peninsula are all different and at the same time they share this ‘similar difference’. For example, ‘The coffee we had tastes like the Turkish coffee but they call it Greek. Or, ‘ Isn’t that dish the same as the one we had in the place, etc.’ These kinds of conversations probably look familiar to you.

I am sure most of you experienced them and enjoyed them really much. Our private Balkan trip travels around the Balkan countries and enjoys their most interesting, attractive and ‘have-great-stories-to-tell’ places. Let’s take Albania, an ex-communist country with majestic beauty.

This is a country that offers a great range of unique attractions and forgotten archaeological sites. However, it needed many years to take off as a challenging tourist destination. While lacking beach resorts, Bosnia & Hercegovina easily compensates with great rafting rivers and waterfalls. The country is nature and architecture in harmony.

Bulgaria, another ex-communist country to fight and suffer the regime. The country offers a mystic blend of nature and history. Furthermore, there is a great range of adventures together with the different attractions. Then, the culturally rich Greece with its long aquamarine coastline, ancient ruins and welcoming people is impatient to meet you. guided tour Istanbul.