Shirts with Talisman

One of the interesting topics which the periodical elaborates is about “Shirts with Talisman “. Orhan Saik Gokyay tells the following related to the “Shirts with Talisman “Shirts with Talisman consist of shirts armored with prayers, spell or some prayers, verses of the Quran, talisman believed to protect people against illness, hostilities and to heal patients. Their history backs to very old times. As far as we know, we see this type of a shirt first in the Yusuf (Joseph) Sura of the Quran. There is a shirt given by the Prophet Joseph when he was the saint of Egypt to his brother so that he sends it to his father Prophet Jacob. When Jacob touches his face to this shirt, his eyes blinded because of crying for his son missing begin to see. According to some saying, this is a very fine shirt brought by Gabriel from the heaven upon the order of God and which covered the Prophet Abraham when he was thrown to the fire by Nimrod. This shirt was