Istanbul Mosques

Some of the mosques in Istanbul reach out the sky while some
others are hardly noticeable due to their small size. Some old churches had
begun serving as mosques after the Ottomans conquered the city. The most
splendid ones of these mosques are accepted to be national monuments and are
not used for religious purposes today.

Kalenderhane Mosque

Kalenderhane Mosque that is around Bozdagan Kemeri (Aqueduct) was allocated for dervishes during Ottoman period. Bozdogan Kemeri (Aqueduct) was built by the end of the 12* century. The mosaics and pictures that were found during the restoration, including a Franciscan Epic have not been open for visitors yet.

Fethiye Mosque

Theotokos Pammakaristos, The Joyous Mother of God, from I2th-i3th
century was the centre of Orthodox patriarchs. The church was converted to the
mosque in 1591. The southern chapel with mosaics is worth to see. Among these
mosaics are the Christ Pantocrator, surrounded by twelve p