History Istanbul

Istanbul lived it’s “Golden Age” between 527 and 565.

It was the most magnificent and the greatest city of its era with a population more than half a million.

A capital that hosted East Roman-Byzantine Empire for 1,600 years and then Ottoman Empire. A hundred and twenty Kaisers and emperors had passed from this city. Its origin goes far back to dark labyrinths of the mythology.

“Land of the Blind!” This is how Delphi Byzas, the leader of Megarian, defined the other side of Bosporus; because he thought the residents of Chalcedon whose leader was also Greek, must have been blind to skip the beauty of European shores and for settling down there. Thus, Megarons founded their new settlement right here, just the opposite side of Chalcedon, called Kadikoy today, in 667 AD on the ridges the Topkapi Palace is located today. Then they named it “Byzantium” attributed to their leader.

Becoming an active business center after a short while, the city was