A city of world

Istanbul; the capital of three great empires, the host for the cultures of the communities that have been living in Anatol...

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Istanbul world city

The Yildiz Grove

Sultan Selim III built a pavilion named “Yildiz” -meaning the Star- for his mother Mihrisah Sultan in this gr...

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Groves Istanbul

Istanbul lived it’s “Golden Age” between 527 and 565.

It was the most magnificent and the greatest city of its era with a population m...

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History Istanbul

Istanbul is a matchless city on earth with its unique characteristic of setting the two continents apart.

The Bosporus which passes right th...

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Kadikoy, Bostanci & Uskudar

One of the interesting topics which the periodical elaborates is about “Shirts with Talisman “. Orhan Saik Gok...

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Shirts with Talisman

In all its glory After years of renovation work, the interior of the Hagia Sophia can now be enjoyed in its true splendour. For many years it was impo...

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Hagia Sophia

Divan Yolu begins at Haghia Sophia and extends to Topkapi Gate of Theodosion Walls, was the most important road of the...

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Divan Yolu